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Terms and Conditions


Drop-in pass is a weekly/monthly subscription service that allows users to try various activities in their surrounding area.

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  2. By accessing and using this Site and our services, you accept to be bound to the following Terms as well as guidelines provided by respective merchants.

  3. Membership
  4. Once a membership is purchased, Users have access to a variety of activities, all of which can be tried one time every 30 days unless the activity is discontinued by the provider. Once an activity is selected, you will be sent an email or text or both with a 24 hour pass. It is strongly advised to call the business and confirm that you are indeed coming for the activity. Drop-in Pass does not guarantee on the availability of activities as they are dependent on the space available to the business. Users cannot gift or transfer activities to other users.

  5. Cycles
  6. Your membership begins on the day you sign up and submit a valid payment. Users who have not paid can view but cannot try the activities. At this point in time, memberships are not renewed automatically.

  7. Billing
  8. When signing up, you authorize us permission to charge you a fee that is valid for the Membership cycle.

  9. Additional Fees
  10. Your Drop-in Pass grants you access to activities. Some venues may charge for equipment or activity fees.

  11. Disclaimer
  12. All activities displayed by the site are provided by third parties. By using the site, you agree that attendance of any activity is exclusively at your own risk. Drop-in pass is not liable for any injury or claim or loss of any sort.