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Professional classes and services in the fields of photography, 3d animation, graphic design and much more! if you're interested in computers, graphics, video, animation, or sound we have something for you. long touted as the future revolution in computing, multimedia applications were, until the mid-90s, uncommon due to the expensive hardware required. with increases in performance and decreases in price, however, multimedia is now commonplace.

What to expect

In creating a teaching philosophy statement, it was imperative that i take into consideration the permeability shared by all students. i make it a priority, especially with young children, to create a caring, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere and to demonstrate this through my attributes as a teacher. although each student may have a unique learning style, i maintain certain priorities for each student and hope they will all learn the same musical concepts and general life lessons. my goal, for every student, is to become a well-rounded musician. i have the responsibility to facilitate through my teaching, the following principles:

What to bring

Just bring yourself :)

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Tuesday 3:00 PM 9:00 PM
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